“If children feel safe, they
can take risks, ask questions,
make mistakes, learn to trust,
share their feelings, and grow.”

Alfie Kohn

Purposeful Play Is Early Education

At Sage Infant Care, we take a holistic approach to learning. Every given moment will touch on the five learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which can be summarised as follows:

Outcome 1: Identity

Where we come to see ourselves as an individual, separate to those around us, with our own set of needs and desires. Children thrive when they have a positive sense of self. At Sage each child is celebrated as the unique, capable and valued individual they are.

Outcome 2: Connection to world

Where we are encouraged to view ourselves in the social context, connecting ourselves to, and finding our place in, the world around us. At Sage the children are encouraged to recognise that with every right they have, they also have a responsibility to the people, objects and environment surrounding them.

Outcome 3: Wellbeing

Where we learn to recognise our needs and desires, finding ways to have them met, either through our own actions or calling on others to assist. At Sage we focus on supporting each child's wellbeing through responsive relationships, secure attachments and opportunities to develop positive self-help skills.

Outcome 4: Active and Involved learner

Where we learn to use our natural sense of curiosity and wonder, to explore and discover the world around us. Developing our positive dispositions for learning, such as perseverance and the ability to apply knowledge from one situation to another. These are vital elements of the learning process, paving the way to life long learning. At Sage children will apply simple and complex methods of problem solving, learning to be resilient and flexible in this ever changing landscape of learning.

Outcome 5: Effective Communicators

In this process we learn to effectively communicate with those around, using both verbal and non verbal methods, in an effort to convey our needs, desires and intentions. At Sage we support emerging communication through the use of Auslan baby sign language. This bridges the gap between mental comprehension and verbal ability, reducing frustrations and their related behavioural outbursts.

At Sage we group experiences in a complementary fashion, to further enhance the learning of each moment and allow the children to explore a concept through multiple mediums. This is in an effort to solidify the learners understanding of the concept, while allowing for meaningful integration into the child's overall world view.

All in a day here at Sage Infant Care


No two days are the same, with a dynamic program that is responsive to the needs and desires of the children in attendance. The children are encouraged to be the captains of their own learning, where their interests will be used as a platform for future planning and program development. Being holistically driven, the program provides opportunities to explore literacy, numeracy, creative expression, scientific exploration and sustainable practices. While the learning is not formalised, like that of Primary School, the children have access to resources that can both launch and extend a wide variety of learning concepts, arming the children with the skills and confidence to move forward, along the path of lifelong learning. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living.