Sage Infant Care was born of the need for quality early education for children under two years of age.

At Sage Infant Care, family day care, children are cared for in a home like setting, and are provided opportunities to develop the foundations for meaningful lifelong learning, with the love and care they would receive at home. 


Children are encouraged to learn in an environment that fosters respect for themselves, each other and the environment. 


Of course, parents are acknowledged as the primary educators in their child's life, and we invite all caregivers to participate in every aspect of their child's early learning journey. 


Sage Infant Care is committed to delivering an educational program that meets or exceeds the requirements of the National Quality Standard (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) - ensuring the needs, interests and abilities of each child are taken into consideration when programming. 


We are committed to the environment, opting to use natural cleaning alternatives, where practical, to minimise the use of harsh chemicals, all in an effort to limit children's exposure, and our environmental impact on the planet. We use MooGoo natural products in our service.


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Rebecca Ten Caten

| Family Day Care Educator | Managing Director |

Looking beyond the theory of averages.


Valuing each child for their individual interests, abilities and learning styles.


Valuing educators for the vital role they play in supporting children to achieve the best outcomes.


Valuing parents/guardians for their vital role in raising capable members of our community.



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Sage Infant Care 

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