“A happy baby has
shining eyes. It walks open
hearted into the world
and spreads magic.”

Sigrid Leo

When your child seems all over the place, they are actually discovering and connecting to the world around them. Children learn best in safe loving spaces, where they can explore in their own way. This is why we use the 'Circle of security', to guide our every day practice.


This is an attachment theory that initially began as a 'positive parenting program', quickly adopted by the early education sector and prized for it's ability to assist educators to develop and foster positive, respectful relationships with children.


"Just like a plant needs light and space to grow, a child needs love and freedom to unfold."

Sigrid Leo

When most people think of babies, they think of helpless little beings who require everything be done for for them.

Here at Sage Infant Care, we believe that every child is capable of achieving big things, so we hold high expectations for each and every one.

The program is all about providing opportunities to explore concepts through multiple mediums, allowing for a deeper understanding and meaningful integration into the child's overall world view. We also love watching our young friends master new skills and grow in confidence.

This is the stage where we begin to witness the emerging identity of the individual, as they develop their ability to communicate and connect with the world around them.